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About Us

Hi, I'm Paige from Let Me Bead!

Growing up I have always needed an outlet for my creative nature. I found my various escapes in drawing and painting and also hoarding house plants, I love it all! 

Then I was blessed with the most beautiful creation yet- my 3 kids.

When I became a mom, my children automatically became my world, and my hobbies got pushed aside. 

Until December 2019! I found that same outlet for creativity in creating safe and adorable teething products for my son. He was SO drawn to them, and I loved making them! So I thought I would make more for other children and moms to enjoy as well. That's how Let Me Bead by Paige Kraus was born! Since then I have expanded Let Me Bead to offer a wide variety of products for everyone (new and exciting products are always being added to the website) and there is no looking back now!

With this business I strive to bring you and your little ones quality products at an affordable price (and in cute color combinations :)) while being a role model for my children.

When you support a small business like mine, you support someone's passions and dreams- so... THANK-YOU!!!