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Custom Orders

To place a custom order please email me at letmebead1@gmail.com OR message me through Instagram or Facebook (links to Instagram and Facebook are in the bottom right corner of the website page.)

Think about the answers to these following questions for your custom order:

  1. What following product(s) are you interested in? Soother Clip, Teething Ring, Soother Clip with a Pendant, Infinity Ring, Key Chain, Zipper Pull, Purse Key Chain, Teething Necklace, Bracelet etc.
  1. Would you want your product to be personalized with a name or initials on it? 
  • If yes, what is the name/initials?
  • Would you like the name/initials in silicone or wood letters? 
  1. What color palate you are interested in? (ex. pinks, blues, greys, beige)
  1. If you are getting a soother clip are you interested in a silicone/wood teething pendant to go on the end? Yes or No?
  • If yes, do you have a certain pendant in mind?

*Once we receive your email/message we will be in contact with you to finalize further details.